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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a one-to-one therapeutic relationship between a client and a trained mental health professional. Individual therapy can cover a wide range of topics as the overall goal is to improve the client's well-being and functioning. Individual therapy is designed to create a safe and confidential space for an individual to explore their life experiences, including their thought patterns, beliefs, emotional concerns, and behaviors, as well as how these parts of their identities impact their functioning, relationships, and life fulfillment. During individual therapy, clients will work with the clinician to identify and develop measurable treatment goals to work on during therapy and these goals will be periodically evaluated and adjusted as needed. To schedule a 15-minute consult, click here.

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Teen Therapy

Individual therapy for teenagers can be a critical tool. During the teenage years, teens are faced with many trials as they explore their own identities and manage social pressures and educational expectations. Add in familial pressures, sibling conflict, and interpersonal concerns, and teens are often in need of a safe space to explore their emotions, manage their behaviors, and develop appropriate coping skills to regulate themselves. Teen therapy can also assist teens with exploring their beliefs surrounding career opportunities, tertiary educational paths, financial concerns, and personal goals to help them improve quality of life. To schedule a 15-minute consult, click here.

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