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Preparing for Telehealth

Currently, Prolific Life Wellness & Consulting, LLC is only conducting individual therapy via telehealth. Prolific Life only works with clients who reside in New Jersey due to state licensure guidelines. 

Here are a few things to review to ensure that you get the most out of your telehealth sessions.

1. Please ensure that you are in a private space for sessions. This may be a room, an office, or a parked car, 

2. Please ensure that you are not driving during your sessions.

3. If you live with others, please ask them to refrain from disrupting you during your meeting time.

4. For privacy purposes, consider using either a white noise device or a speaker to block out sounds from the session.

5. For additional privacy, consider utilizing headphones or earbuds during the sessions.

6. Please ensure that you have a device with a working camera, microphone, and speakers for the sessions. Additionally, please ensure that you have appropriate internet and internet speed to engage in telehealth sessions.

7. Please ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the sessions.

8. Lastly, please treat your telehealth sessions with the respect it deserves. Please minimize engaging in multitasking to reduce distractions.

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Prolific Life Wellness & Consulting, LLC utilizes a HIPAA-compliant platform for all our sessions. Following the 15-minute consultation, should you decide to move forward with therapy services with Prolific Life, you will be sent the initial intake paperwork to be completed prior to the intake session.


Please contact Prolific Life to schedule a 15-minute consultation for individual therapy or to connect for wellness workshops and speaking engagements.


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