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Welcome to Prolific Life Wellness & Consulting, LLC

Prolific Life Wellness & Consulting, LLC is a therapy and wellness private practice located in Middlesex County, NJ. We currently only offer online therapy (#telehealth) to clients located in New Jersey. We are expecting to expand to in-person services within the next 6-months.

For us, healing is not optional.

We believe that healing, wholeness, and abundance is available to us all if we are willing to make the necessary changes to increase peace, joy, and purpose in our lives. Building a Prolific Life means learning what constitutes an abundant life for you.


Prolific Life works with emotionally overwhelmed parents, self-harming teens, and conflicted adults. 

Prolific Life is wholly owned by Charmaine Perry, LPC. Prolific Life works with teens and adults.


We specialize in supporting parents of teens and teens with self-harming and high-risk behaviors as well as teens and adults who have experienced trauma. 


We also work with clients who need support for anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, mindset, stress, and life transitions. Prolific Life focuses on holistic healing, wellness practices, and building healthy coping skills to help clients thrive in their lives. We currently accept self-pay, out of network, Cigna and United Healthcare payments.


Discover the joy of living a Prolific Life! Let us help you take the first steps to restoring balance in your life.


Individual Therapy

Schedule a 15-minute consultation call with us today  to see if we would be able to work together for individual therapy sessions that help you identify and achieve your healing goals. 


Wellness Support

Connect with us for wellness support via workshops and talks on managing traumatic stress, how to parent a teen who self-harms, coping with suicidal thoughts, and navigating life transitions.

"Live a prolific life that is filled with purpose, abundance, healing, wholeness, and alignment." 

Charmaine Perry, MS, LPC, NCC, CCTP

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Individual Therapy

We specialize in working with emotionally overwhelmed parents and conflicted adults.

Prolific Life specializes in working parents of teens who engage in self-harm or high-risk behaviors. We also support adults who have experienced trauma and need support in processing these traumas. Individual therapy is also available for clients who are experiencing life transitions an stressors, mood disorders including - depression/postpartum depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harming behaviors, women's issues, anger management, interpersonal issues, crises of faith, and adjustment concerns, cultural transitions, and stress management. We help our clients identify healthy skills to manage their experiences so that they can build an abundant life.

Teen Therapy

We specialize in working with teens who are engaging in self-harming behaviors.

Prolific Life specializes in teen therapy for teens ages 13-17 years old. The teen years can be overwhelming with all the emotional, social, physical, relational, and mental changes occurring. Teens are faced with many changes for themselves while often navigating familial and peer relationship changes. Teens do not always have the words to express their emotions. They may not even understand all the changes they are experiencing. Frequently, teens do not have sufficient healthy coping skills to regulate their emotions. Teen therapy can help your teen identify, create, and adapt healthy coping skills that feel aligned with who they want to be. 

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Connect with us today

Healing is not optional.

We want to be a part of your mental health journey. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive tips on managing self-harm and high-risk behaviors as well as wellness tips.

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