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Prolific Life Wellness & Consulting, LLC specializes in offering support for self-harm. We offer two types of consultations.

We offer peer-to-peer consultation for new practitioners who are unsure how to work with clients who engage in self-harming behaviors.

We also offer parent consultation for parents whose teens engage in self-harming behaviors and parents are unsure of how to support and protect their teens.

Consultation Services


We understand that as a new provider, working with clients who engage in self-harming behaviors can feel overwhelming and jarring. New clinicians can quickly feel overwhelmed by the safety concerns inherent with working with clients within this population. Hence, we offer a safe space for new clinicians to seek support, ask questions, and explore their ow emotional capacity surrounding working with this niche of clients. We help you identify and translate existing clinical skills to provide effective support for clients who are engaging in nonsuicidal self-injurious behaviors. (NSSI). 


Schedule a consultation today and get the support you need to expand your clinical expertise.


Parents can often feel quickly overwhelmed and isolated because much of the available services are directly targeted towards the clients. Oftentimes, when parents find out for the first time that their teens are engaging in nonsuicidal self-injurious behaviors (NSSI) or self-harming behaviors, their worlds are quickly torn apart and they are suddenly bombarded with many practitioners and an increase in services for their teens. However, oftentimes, they are left with many unanswered questions and without support. Our parent consultation services are individualized and based on each family need. Consultation can be on a short-term or ongoing basis. Areas of support may include exploring parent anxieties and concerns, providing psychoeducation on self-harming behaviors, developing safety plans, identifying and implementing safety guidelines, setting developmentally appropriate expectations, and navigating supportive resources. Consultation can assist parents with learning about self-harm as a symptom, increasing understanding about your teen's diagnosis, and identifying support for the change in quality of life.


Schedule a consultation today with us. You do not need to suffer in silence alone.





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