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What are limiting beliefs?

At its core, limiting beliefs are beliefs which restrict you. These beliefs restrict your lives in some form.

Depending on the limiting beliefs that you have, they can restrict your thoughts, your behaviors, your relationships, and your lives. They restrict you and your lives in some form or another.

Your limiting beliefs reflect the way that you see yourself. Oftentimes, limiting beliefs are unconscious; that is, these beliefs operate below your awareness. In addition, limiting beliefs do not only reflect your thoughts about yourself; they reflect how you see others and how you see the world.

Where do limiting beliefs come from?

Limiting beliefs are lessons that we have been taught along the way; most often from childhood. Therefore, these beliefs are learned. They are lessons taught to us by our parents, family members, and friends. The information is passed on to us through words, lessons, and behaviors; we observe models such as our parents. Oftentimes, adults belief that young children present are not paying attention. But children observe everything and internalize the information that they receive.

As children, we heard our parents talk about the difficulty of managing the bills and that there was not enough money for vacations or something extravagant; most of us have heard the message of going to school and getting a good job.

We have all been told that money doesn’t grow on tree. We have all received messages about career, love, relationships, money, and life that have stayed with us into adulthood.

Examples of limiting beliefs:

“I will never have the life that I want.”

“Only rich people get to like their lives AND their jobs.”

“I don’t want to be rich because rich people don’t go to heaven.”

“I can’t go in this…(career); they’re already too many people in that field so no one is going to listen to what I have to say.”

“Money doesn’t grow on tree so I must work and save my money.”

“I will never find a partner who truly appreciates me.”

What are your limiting beliefs?

Now, consider your own life. What limiting beliefs have you been holding on to? The most potent limiting beliefs are the ones that you are not aware of; the ones that live below your subconscious. These are the ones that hold you back from pursuing your dreams, following your intuitions, living out your purposes, and pushing past your comfort zones.

If you’re ready to take a chance on your dreams and attract abundance into your life, then go ahead and schedule a 15-minute consultation with me. See how we can work together to overcome your limiting beliefs and achieve the goals you hope for.


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