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What is Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

A self-fulling prophecy is a belief that you have about a particular person or event; this belief is eventually confirmed by the physical occurrence of this belief.

For Example:

If you think something about yourself – say that you are a kind person – you tend to follow that thought with your behavior. The more you notice this kind behavior, the more that you think that you are kind, and this behavior reinforces the thought.

This may be a very simple example, but it conveys the importance and power of thoughts. Thoughts influences behaviors. The attitude that you have towards something influences how you approach that thing.

If you feel that the rain is a blessing and vital to our ecosystem, you are not bothered when it rains because you know that plants need rain to grow. But if the rain is an annoyance to you, then any amount of rain will always be a problem to you because the rain itself is a nuisance to you and your mood is ruined when it rains.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


Take a look at your thoughts and try to defuse yourself from them. Consider the things that you think about and what your thoughts are about those things. Are your thoughts improving your mood and your life? Or are they fulfilling the negative ideas of you being miserable, unhappy, stagnant, and any other word that would fill this gap?

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Photo cred:, Charmaine Perry

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